• All students must wear a mask while entering The Complex and should leave mask on while in class unless invited by a teacher to remove mask/take a mask break.

• The lobby is closed to all parents and families. Children under 6 may be accompanied inside by a parent and may wait in the lobby until class begins. Any parent that enters the building must also follow COVID protocol by wearing a mask and physically distancing from others. 

• Children must sit in a chair and wait at their "personal space" in lobby prior to class. 

• Please limit personal belongings to one small bag

• Every student should bring personal art supply bag to class each week.

• If your child is not feeling well (headache, sniffles, sore throat, cough, stomach flu, congestion, fever of 100.4 or higher, etc), or has stayed home from school due to symptoms, please keep them home and join the class virtually.  Please email The Complex at least 30 minutes prior to class to request a zoom link, so we have time to set up the camera and send you the link.  

• If a student or anyone in their family has been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please notify The Complex and take class virtually until you receive a negative COVID test.

• If a student or anyone in their immediate family has received a positive COVID test, they must notify The Complex immediately, take class virtually for at least 14 days AND produce 2 negative COVID tests prior to returning to in-person classes.

The Complex's Practices for COVID-19 Spread Prevention

• All classes are running at 25% capacity or less

• All surfaces in common areas and studios, including floors, are sanitized in between classes

• Sanitizing stations are in every room 

• All students and staff will be be temperature checked upon entrance.  Anyone with a temperature of above 100.4 should study virtually

• All staff wear a mask all of the time

• Older students and younger students are separated, both in common areas and studios

• We ask that all students wear a mask.  We will allow mask breaks at the instructor's discretion.

• Each class that we offer may be taken in-person or virtually.  Study virtually if you are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19

• Each class (under 12 years old) is equipped with a second teacher or an assistant teacher to aid in social distancing and safety protocols.

• "Traffic Flow of Students" entering and exiting classes is monitored and staggered to avoid clustering.