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• 3 - Day Camps • 


All camps are three days long (Mon/Tues/Wed)  Families may choose to participate in one or multiple camps per day!

Week of July 11, 12, 13

Morning Sessions: 9am – 12pm


• Ages 3-6: Creative Arts and Dance Camp – Draw, Paint, Dance, Sing, Create!  This camp will ignite all of the creative senses. Children will travel through many different experiences throughout the day including story time, creative play, structured classes, and creative making!

• Ages 6-9: Broadway Bound SING! DANCE! ACT! SHINE!  Students will immerse into the world of BROADWAY where they will study various Broadway shows and learn music and choreography from select titles.  Broadway Bound Kids will have a blast as they take the stage each day learning new music and dance and perfecting their skill.


• Ages 9-13: Artists and Authors – Draw, paint, write, create, collaborate, and explore!  Let your inner artist shine! Students will delve into the amazing world of their own imagination as they develop their writing talent through poetry and fiction.  Students will develop and illuminate their own book collection of their works.  The camp will also explore lettering and beginning illustration concepts.

Afternoon Sessions: 12:30pm – 3:30pm


• Ages 6-9: Artists and Authors – Get messy and creative this Summer and let your inner artist shine! Little Artists will love this camp as they dig into their creative spirit through story making.  Together, students will create an original story book and personalize with their very own illustrations.  The camp will also include creative play, musical inspirations, and exciting explorations.

• Ages 9-13: Puppetry / Theatre Arts  Go behind the scenes into the magical world of design and making!  This camp is jam-packed with cool experiences that happen in the world of your imagination through the theatre arts.  Students will explore mask making, puppetry, costume making, character development, set design, scenic writing and lighting design.

• Ages 13-19: Creative Makers  Our intensive Creative Maker's Week is a space for creative minds to flourish and evolve!  Artists will work through a series of creative prompts, collaborative and independent projects, inspiring workshops, and artist talks.  Artists will find inspiration from nature, each other, resident artists, group discussions, and through analyzing professional and grassroots artist works.  Students will create artwork from interdisciplinary approaches of their choosing, such as, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, devised theatre, literature and more. 

Week of July 18, 19, 20

Morning Sessions: 9am – 12pm


• Ages 3-6: Mini Musicians and Artists – Mini Musicians and Artists is a camp geared toward the young beginner with musical curiosity and a love of creativity. With an emphasis on play and exploration, students will engage with their voice, their body, and develop their musician's ear.  In the Art Studio, children will draw, paint, and create!  Expect games, giggles, and lots of tactile experiences to help students gain ownership over their own creativity. 


• Ages 6-9:  Creative Makers – Our Creative Maker's Camp is a space for young creative minds to flourish and evolve!  All of the arts will be explored as students are taken on various creative journeys!  Imaginations run wild as campers use their creativity to problem solve, collaborate, invent, and explore endless possibilities.  During the Creative Makers camp students will be given prompts to initiate their creative making.  Faculty members will also lead creativity workshops and inspirational experiences.  We can’t wait to see what these creative minds create!


• Ages 9-12: Dance Intensive – Students will immerse themselves in various dance techniques during this three-day intensive.  Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre Dance will be explored.  The intensive will give students an immersive experience of refining technical skill and polishing stage presence and artistry.  Dancers will take class with resident and guest teachers.

Afternoon Sessions: 12:30pm – 3:30pm


• Ages 6-9: Dance Boot Camp  – Ballet, Creative Movement, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre will be explored.  Students will learn and refine technical proficiency, choreography, and stage presence.  Daily classes will rotate for an exciting and fun experience.  Dancers will develop their dance skills, enhance confidence and coordination, and master choreography and creative making. 

• Ages 9-13: Broadway Bound Students will immerse into the world of BROADWAY where they will study various Broadway shows and learn music and choreography from select titles.  Students will work with various theatre faculty to gain skill, confidence, and a Broadway Bound Kids will have a blast as they take the stage each day learning new music and dance and perfecting their skill.

• Ages 13-19: Musical Theatre Dance Get your Fosse hands ready!  This camp covers a variety of dance styles used in musical theatre, such as jazz, ballet, tap, street dance, and folk-dance forms.  Students will study the development of musical theatre to current trends and practices, such as the rock musical. We will also explore the styles and contributions of major musical theatre choreographers, the elements of technical theatre, and careers in and related to musical theatre

Special Summer Sessions



Private Voice Lessons

 July 11th - August 26th (no class week of August 1)  -   6 lessons - $225 •  Ages 10 - Adult

Our professional faculty of music educators will ensure proper technical training and creative development for the highest level of success and personal achievement.  The Complex staff are encouraging, inspirational, and motivational.  Students meet individually with their instructor during their reserved, weekly time slot.  Students have the opportunity to work in an inspiring community of artists and students, allowing them to flourish as creative individuals and musicians. 


Summer Dance Intensive

August 1-5    •   9am - 3pm   •   Ages 11-21   •   $300

Our Annual Summer Dance Intensive is a tradition amongst our passionate dance students.  This intensive  week is packed with technique classes, guest teachers, new choreography, dance history/context and more.  We strongly encourage ALL level 4, 5, 6 dancers to participate in the Intensive.

Requirement for Complex Dance Company membership

Summer Theatre Intensive


August 1-5    •   4pm-9pm   •   Ages 11-21   •   $250

This Summer Theatre Intensive is going to be EPIC!  Students in the intensive will devise a new piece of theatre (or re-work a previously devised piece) and bring the work to life for performance.  Students will write, produce, tech, and perform their piece on Friday August 5 at 7:00pm for family and friends.

Cooking Camp with Chef Corey

August 8 and 9   •   9am-12pm   •   Ages 12-18   •   $150

Nikki’s Dog House and The Complex are teaming up for some Culinary Creativity!  Cooking with Chef Corey is a two-day immersive

experience where students will learn basic cooking techniques and get crazy creative in the kitchen!


Summer 2021 Tuition

•3-Day Camps: July

1 camp $170, 2 camps $300, 3 camps $400, 4 camps $500

• Private Music Lessons:

July 11th - August 26th (no class week of August 1)  -   6 lessons - $225