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Monthly Newsletter


May 2022 Newsletter


We ask that you please read our monthly newsletters as they contain IMPORTANT information for your child.  



(A full calendar listing was emailed home in October and can also be located on our website, along with protocols and dress codes, 


• May 1 - Enrollment Opens for 2022/2023 Classes 

•May 15 - Tickets for cARTography go on sale

• May 30 - Memorial Day: No Classes Scheduled

• June 11 - All Dance and Art Students’ Performance

• June 18 - All Theatre and Music Students’ Performance




    • Within the next week, your child should be receiving personalized information regarding their schedule for our 2022/2023 season. All registration information is online, and our current students have the first pick of classes until we open registration to the public on June 1! More information can be found below.


    • As of March 21, masks are optional for all students and family members. However, if your child does show any symptoms but is well enough to attend class, we ask that they wear a mask. If your child does not have one, we will provide one for them to wear for the duration of class. We want to continue to protect our students and teachers the best we can!


    • The Complex is a donation station for Soles 4 Souls with Northeast Opportunities for Wellness! From now until July 1, you may drop off any new or gently used shoes to the collection box in our lobby! This shoe drive will benefit women in developing nations to start and sustain a small business. 




Registration is NOW OPEN for current students only:  We are thrilled to announce our 18th Arts Education Season to our Complex Community!  Within the next week your child will receive a packet of information with unique class suggestions and registration information. Each individual schedule is based on your students’ current class participation and their achievement in class.  The overall schedule is created with our current students in mind and all classes are devised based on the students’ levels in classes this year.  The registration period for “current students only” ends June 1st.  We ask that all families complete the online registration form before June 1st so that schedule adjustments can be made prior to allowing new students to register.  We strive to create the most beneficial learning environment for our students and that begins at registration with class placement. 


New Program!  The Music Department is expanding and so excited to announce group music classes for children and teens.  Students ages 6+ can now participate in music classes that will explore music theory, solo/ensemble singing, songwriting, and music making at the age-appropriate level.  Music classes are offered at many times and will be led by Madi Ruta.


Additional Classes:  We have added additional classes, not only in music, but in all other departments.  There are so many more opportunities for our students and specialized learning options.


The Complex Conservatory: The Complex Conservatory is a cohesive learning curriculum for students ages 6+ in the arts; a program where students can train in multiple art forms or intensely study one genre. Students in The Complex Conservatory experience collaboration, friendship, performance, intensive training, and a strong community. Our Conservatory program answers the need of the creative student that is looking for their “team”.  Students enrolling in The Complex Conservatory may choose from three options: 1. Dance Track, 2. Theatre Track, 3. Full Conservatory. 


Example of our Mini (level 1) Conservatory:

Minis – ages 6-7

• Dance Track: Mondays 4:00-6:00, Tuesdays 5:00-6:00, Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 - $220 Monthly

   Classes include Ballet 1 • Tap 1 • Jazz 1 • Visual Arts 1

• Theatre Track: Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 and Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 - $185 Monthly

   Classes include Music 1 • Theatre Arts 1 • Visual Arts 1

• Full Conservatory: Monday – Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 - $250 Monthly

   Includes ALL classes listed above in both Dance and Theatre Tracks

Please visit our website to view all Conservatory schedules                                 BECOME A CONSERVATORY KID!


To Register for Classes or The Conservatory, please visit our website @  Full class descriptions are also available online.  As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions about classes or your child’s learning experience!  We look forward to seeing the growth of all our students in the years to come.  Thank you for your continued support of arts education for our youth in the Quiet Corner!





The countdown to cARTography is on!

Check the reminders below to be sure you have all of the info you need!


June Show (cARTography) Details:


What: cARTography is the title of our June Performances!  Each dance, theatre, and art class participates in this event along with private music students who have studied over one year. This is a very exciting time for students as they are developing and perfecting their creative work for their friends and family.  This is the icing to the cake of hard work all year long!  All students have begun work for the performance.  We sent out Spring performance dates at the beginning of the year and are now well underway with rehearsals.  We have made plans and developed roles for all students to participate in this performance, unless advanced notification from a parent was given by January.  Please make every effort for your child to attend and participate as changing performance plans at this date or later will negatively affect your child’s classmates and the work everyone has been doing.  We are all looking forward to seeing everyone perform!


When: June 11 (ALL DANCE and ART STUDENTS)  and June 18 (THEATRE and MUSIC STUDENTS)


Where: DANCE and ART PERFORMANCE - The Loos Center - June 11 



How: All Dance Classes will perform on June 11 at The Loos Center.  Art classes will create a multi-media display for the dance performance and have a Gallery Show on June 11 at the Loos Center.  Theatre students will perform at The Complex on June 18.  Music students will perform at The Complex on June 18.


Who: All group classes at The Complex.  Private music students with over one year of experience may choose to participate and share a solo.  Advanced music students may be asked to collaborate with Dance or Theatre students.  Teachers will discuss performance participation with their students.


cARTography Detailed Logistics: 


June 11th: Dance Performance and Art Show 6:30pm at The Loos Center, Woodstock Academy

  • June 8th - Dress Rehearsal All Dance Students 

             *Rehearsal times will be announced very soon! 

  • June 11th - Dance Performance and Art Show at The Loos Center


June 18th Theatre and Music Performance: Multiple Times - The STAGE at The Complex

  • Tech Rehearsals - June 15, 16, 17 at The Complex (Details to come)

            *Rehearsal times will be announced very soon! 

  • Performances - (there will be a dinner break at 4:30 for Junior and Teen Theatre)

    • June 18 @1pm: Youth Theatre (Madi’s Class), Junior Theatre, Teens, Select Music Students

    • June 18 @3pm: Youth Theatre (Emily’s Class), Junior Theatre, Teens, Select Music Students

    • June 18 @6pm: Junior Theatre, Teens, Select Music Students

    • June 18 @8pm: Junior Theatre, Teens, Select Music Students


IMPORTANT REMINDER: COSTUME PAYMENT - we have made changes to our costume payment setup.  Typically The Complex charges students a flat fee of $70-$75 for costumes.  This practice was put in place 17 years ago to combat the outrageous costume fees accumulated in many dance/performing arts studios/settings.  We have always believed we could do a lot more for a lot less and not charge families $400+ for costumes (customary in many schools when students partake in multiple classes).  We have taken a look at our practice, in conjunction with the inflated costume prices this year from companies, and have come up with a different plan.  We will no longer be charging a “costume fee”.  Instead we will be instituting a “performance package” for all students participating in the production.  This includes: 2 tickets to a performance, a performance t-shirt, the rental of all costumes/accessories worn by students (all costumes will remain at The Complex and be organized for students on show days - parents no longer need to be responsible for costume care and storage. Costumes will remain the property of The Complex following the show - if you love them, we can make arrangements for purchase), materials, props, etc and a link to the recorded performance after completion.  This practice will allow us to keep fees low for parents and still give our students amazing performance experiences.  We will provide all costumes/material/accessories (other than tights, shoes, or simple black bases) to ALL of our students.  This may include costume pieces, additional art supplies, props, etc).  The “performance package” fee is $75 and will be due April 1, 2022.  Families may purchase additional show tickets for $16 each and additional t-shirts for $30




• SUMMER 2022 •


• 3 - Day Camps •

Families may choose to participate in one or multiple camps per day!


 Week of July 11, 12, 13


• Morning Sessions: 9am – 12pm •

• Ages 3-6: CREATIVE ARTS AND DANCE - Draw, Paint, Dance, Create!  This camp will ignite all the creative senses. Children will travel through many different experiences throughout the day including story time, creative play, structured dance classes, and creative arts making!


• Ages 6-9: BROADWAY BOUND – SING! DANCE! ACT! SHINE! - Students will immerse into the world of BROADWAY where they will study various Broadway shows and learn music and choreography from select titles.  Broadway Bound Kids will have a blast as they take the stage each day learning new music and dance and perfecting their skill.


• Ages 9-13: ARTISTS AND AUTHORS - Draw, paint, write, create, collaborate, and explore!  Let your inner artist shine! Students will delve into the amazing world of their own imagination as they develop their writing talent through poetry and fiction.  Students will develop and illuminate their own book collection of their works.  The camp will also explore lettering and beginning illustration concepts.


• Afternoon Sessions: 12:30pm – 3:30pm •

• Ages 6-9: ARTISTS AND AUTHORS – Get messy and creative this Summer and let your inner artist shine! Little Artists will love this camp as they dig into their creative spirit through story making.  Together, students will create an original story book and personalize with their very own illustrations.  The camp will also include creative play, musical inspirations, and exciting explorations.


• Ages 9-13: PUPPETRY / THEATRE ARTS – Go behind the scenes into the magical world of design and making!  This camp is jam-packed with cool experiences that happen in the world of your imagination through the theatre arts.  Students will explore mask making, puppetry, costume making, character development, set design, scenic writing and lighting design.


• Ages 13 – 19: CREATIVE MAKERS - Our intensive Creative Maker's Week is a space for creative minds to flourish and evolve!  Artists will work through a series of creative prompts, collaborative and independent projects, inspiring workshops, and artist talks.  Artists will find inspiration from nature, each other, resident artists, group discussions, and through analyzing professional and grassroots artist works.  Students will create artwork from interdisciplinary approaches of their choosing, such as, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, devised theatre, literature and more.  

  • Students may stay and eat lunch at Complex with other campers if taking both morning and afternoon sessions


• 3 - Day Camps •

Families may choose to participate in one or multiple camps per day!


Week of July 18, 19, 20


• Morning Sessions: 9am – 12pm •

• Ages 3-6: MINI MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS: Mini Musicians and Artists is a camp geared toward the young beginner with musical curiosity and a love of creativity. With an emphasis on play and exploration, students will engage with their voice, their body, and develop their musician's ear.  In the Art Studio, children will draw, paint, and create!  Expect games, giggles, and lots of tactile experiences to help students gain ownership over their own creativity. 


• Ages 6-9:  CREATIVE MAKERS – Our Creative Maker's Camp is a space for young creative minds to flourish and evolve!  All of the arts will be explored as students are taken on various creative journeys!  Imaginations run wild as campers use their creativity to problem solve, collaborate, invent, and explore endless possibilities.  During the Creative Makers camp students will be given prompts to initiate their creative making.  Faculty members will also lead creativity workshops and inspirational experiences.  We can’t wait to see what these creative minds create!


• Ages 9-13: DANCE INTENSIVE – Students will immerse themselves in various dance techniques during this three-day intensive.  Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre Dance will be explored.  The intensive will give students an immersive experience of refining technical skill and polishing stage presence and artistry.  Dancers will take class with resident and guest

• Afternoon Sessions: 12:30pm – 3:30pm •

 •Ages 6-9: DANCE BOOT CAMP– Ballet, Creative Movement, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre will be explored.  Students will learn and refine technical proficiency, choreography, and stage presence.  Daily classes will rotate for an exciting and fun experience.  Dancers will develop their dance skills, enhance confidence and coordination, and master choreography and creative making. 


• Ages 9-13: BROADWAY BOUND – Students will immerse into the world of BROADWAY where they will study various Broadway shows and learn music and choreography from select titles.  Students will work with various theatre faculty to gain skill, confidence, and a Broadway Bound Kids will have a blast as they take the stage each day learning new music and dance and perfecting their skill.


•Ages 13-19: MUSICAL THEATRE DANCE – Get your Fosse hands ready!  This camp covers a variety of dance styles used in musical theatre, such as jazz, ballet, tap, street dance, and folk-dance forms.  Students will study the development of musical theatre to current trends and practices, such as the rock musical. We will also explore the styles and contributions of major musical theatre choreographers, the elements of technical theatre, and careers in and related to musical theatre


• Special Summer Sessions •



• Private Voice Lessons •

July 11-August 26 (No class week of August 1) • $225


Our professional faculty of music educators will ensure proper technical training and creative development for the highest level of success and personal achievement.  The Complex staff are encouraging, inspirational, and motivational.  Students meet individually with their instructor during their reserved, weekly time slot.  Students have the opportunity to work in an inspiring community of artists and students, allowing them to flourish as creative individuals and musicians. 



• Summer Dance Intensive •

August 1-5 9am – 3pm • Ages 10-21 • $300


Our Annual Summer Dance Intensive is a tradition amongst our passionate dance students.  This is a week packed with technique classes, guest teachers, new choreography, dance history/context and more.  We strongly encourage ALL level 4, 5, 6 dancers to participate in the Intensive. Requirement for Complex Dance Company membership


• Summer Theatre Intensive •

August 1-5 4pm-9pm • Ages 11-21 • $250


This Summer Theatre Intensive is going to be EPIC!  Students in the intensive will devise a new piece of theatre (or re-work a previously devised piece) and bring the work to life for performance.  Students will write, produce, tech, and perform their piece on Friday August 5 at 7:00pm for family and friends.


• Cooking Camp with Chef Corey •

August 8 and 9  •  9am – 12pm  •  Ages 12-18  •  $150


Nikki’s Dog House and The Complex are teaming up for some Culinary Creativity!  Cooking with Chef Corey is a two-day immersive experience where kids will learn basic cooking techniques and get crazy creative in the kitchen!


• Summer 2022 Tuition •




• 3-Day Camps: July

1 camp $170, 2 camps $300, 3 camps $400, 4 camps $500


• The Intensives: August

DANCE - $300

THEATRE - $250


• Private Voice Lessons:

July 11- August 26 (No class week of August 1) 6 lessons - $225


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