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The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre was Established in 2005 by Nichola Johnson and in 2011, Julie Watt joined as Co-Director. Nichola Johnson and Julie Watt bring a life-time love of the arts to The Complex Community. 

Johnson and Watt  both hold Masters of Fine Arts Degrees in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, are practicing artists and are educators/professors in their respective arts field.  


The mission of The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre is to offer exceptional arts education to the community, create an innovative hub for performance and education, open a space for students to grow and flourish through creative critical thinking and ignite a life-time love of the arts for all students.  The Complex is not only a place of excellence in technical arts education, it is a place where students evolve year after year; they learn the importance of collaboration, strong work-ethic, dedication and persistence, self-actualization, self-discipline, creative problem solving, and critical thought.

Leaping Dancer

The Place to BE for Arts Education in Connecticut ~


1. We are a professional staff of highly experienced teaching artists devoted to the growth of each student. 
2. The Complex meets the student where they are and creates individualized programs to allow for personal growth, technical mastery, and creativity.
3. Classes/Programs are available in many disciplines, 
experience levels, and styles giving students the most comprehensive training and exploration
4. Intimate class settings allow for personalized instruction and mentoring
5. Creative making opportunities
6. No expensive costume fees!  Most productions are completely costumed by The Complex at no cost to families.  Families pay a performance fee for our Spring all-department performance, which includes two tickets, performance t-shirt, costume rental, and link to recorded performance.  Our performance fee is clearly explained on our application form. 
7. No Dance Competitions.  We believe in the Art of Dance and exposing students to real world concepts and experiences.  The Complex readies students for college, professional work, and a life-long love of the arts.  We do not work toward a trophy, but toward each students' personal greatness.
8. Students have many performance opportunities such as music concerts, dance performances, community events, large musicals, student created work, film, and faculty shows
9. Students perform on a variety of stages to allow for the optimum exposure and 
experiences - The Bradley Playhouse, The Loos Center, The STAGE at The Complex, The Center at Eagle Hill, Roseland Park, Rotary Park, Main Street Putnam, Outdoor Festivals, and so many more!
10. Visual Art students present one to two gallery shows each year


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