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5 Tips to Survive your Audition

Your palms are sweaty, your stomach is full of knots and you’re feeling so gassy you may explode. Therefore, it must be time for an audition. Whether this is your first one or your hundredth, everyone gets nervous. It is always scary to put yourself out there with the possibility of failure. What makes it even more scary is the fact that you may fail in front of people; people you are hoping to impress. In the theatre world, we are constantly wanting to find ways to validate ourselves and prove that we are good at what we do. Nothing makes us question ourselves more than when we are put to the test, to show up or shut up. After years of being on both sides of an audition there are a few tips I have learned to survive auditions.

Tip #1:Directors Want You To Succeed

It is as simple as that. No director goes into auditions hoping that they can not find a single person to cast in a show. They do not look at you or your resume and dread what they are about to see. Just remember, that they are there to do a job but they are human and they understand so are you.

Tip #2: Preparation is Key

Know your stuff. Know the Show. You should never go into an audition without having some basic knowledge of the show you are auditioning for. Read the play, maybe do some research about the original production. Study the character you are hoping to audition for. Make sure to memorize your monologue or music piece. And always have a backup just in case the director wants to hear something else. Be ready for critiques and to workshop material. The more prepared you are the better at ease you will feel.

Tip #3: Dress Appropriately

You should never look like you are going to a Christmas gala when you are auditioning. But at the same time, don’t look like you rolled out of bed. It is important to know what kind of audition you will be having. If it is for a straight play dress semi casual. If you are auditioning for a period piece maybe dress in a contemporary style that mirrors the character you are auditioning for. If you are auditioning for a musical be dressed nice enough that you can also move for a dance audition. It’s never bad to bring a change of clothes if you need to. And make sure to pack the appropriate shoes. If this show calls for tap make sure to pack those up. Don’t wear flip flops to a musical audition when you are going to be dancing, that’s a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

Tip #4: Audition the Directors

The best way to get into a good audition headspace is to turn it back on those you are auditioning for. Think like you are auditioning the directors, choreographers, music directors, even the theatre itself. These are the people you are going to be working with so get a feel for the environment and the type of people you would be representing in their show.

Tip #5: Enjoy Yourself

Chances are you love performing and you are not putting yourself through the torutre of auditioning just for kicks. This is what you love, so have fun and think how great it is to have the opportunity to share it with others.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that one audition will not make or break you. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it gives you the nervous bubbly belly. Yes, it makes you question if you are talented, worth it, or good enough. But auditions are essential and rights of passage in the theatre world. The more you audition the more pro you will become. And although you may never go into an audition without feeling self doubt, perhaps some of these tips can give you some ways to better equip yourself and help remind you that you are not alone.

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